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Patron Saint St. Hubert

St. Hubert (655-727)

Feast Day November 3rd.

St. Hubert was born in the year 655 in Aquitaine, France, the oldest son of Duke Bertrand of Aquitaine. St. Hubert was said to have been converted to Christianity by seeing a stag with a cross between its antlers. He became a priest under St. Lambert and Bishop of Maastricht on the passing of St. Lambert in 705.

He ended idol worship in his diocese, made numerous conversions, and became known for his miracles. He was a protector against mad dogs because of a miraculous stole supposedly given to him by the Blessed Virgin Mary. He is one of the patron saints of hunters and his feast day was set for November 3rd, most likely because it was the beginning of the hunting season. St. Hubert spent much of his later life praying for others. He died on May 30, 727 at Tervueren near Brussels while on a trip to consecrate a new church.